UFOs: From Myth To Mainstream News


You’d have to be living on another planet not to have heard one of the biggest news stories in recent times: After years of denial, it turns out that the US government has a secret program, researching and investigating UFOs.

The conspiracy theorists were right all along (again).

The story broke in December 2017 and generated unprecedented mainstream media coverage of the UFO phenomenon, which continues to this day, as the story continues to unfold. 

Carl Sagan correctly summarized the situation by saying that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” The problem is that there has been no single well-documented UFO encounter that would alone qualify as the smoking gun. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that many governments around the world have covered up and classified information about such encounters. But there are enough scraps of evidence that suggest that the problem needs to be open to scientific study.

While the general public has been fascinated with UFOs for decades, our governments, scientists and media, have essentially declared that of all the UFO sightings are a result of weather phenomenon or human actions. None are actually extraterrestrial spacecraft. And no aliens have visited Earth. Essentially, we are told that the topic is nonsense. UFOs are off-limits to serious scientific study and rational discussion, which unfortunately leaves the topic in the domain of fringe and pseudoscientists, many of whom litter the field with conspiracy theories and wild speculation.

The question is, if we know these technologies exist, and they are being suppressed.

The truth is, it comes down to human consciousness. Solutions are there, but they won’t come until humanity is ready. What does this ACTUALLY mean to be ready? It means growing up enough as a race, that we can actually be responsible for what it is we will have access to. Another reason is that you never show your cards, as saying goes in poker. The same can be said in the game of war and control of the world. There are alot of reasons to why governments would want to keep this secret. What do you think are the reasons why it’s still seen as a pseudoscientific field of study? 

Is it all fake…?

Wikileaks documents suggest that the famous German NASA rocket scientist, Wernher Von Braun tried to warn us about a fake alien invasion.

In an email, he mentions Carol Rosin, who was the first female corporate manager of Fairchild Industries. A space and missile defense consultant who has worked with various corporations, government departments, and intelligence communities, she also worked closely with Wernher Von Braun shortly before his death, specifically on the subject of space-based weapons.

Dr Wernher Von Braun was a Nazi rocket scientist in the secret spacecraft development plant at Peenemünde during World War II , then through Operation Paperclip recruited as a high-level NASA aeronautical engineer during the 1960’s and early 70’s.

Below is an excerpt from a video interview of Carol Rosin speaking about her mentor, Dr Wernher Von Braun.

“I met the late Dr Wernher Von Braun in early ’74, at that time Von Braun was dying of cancer, but he assured me that he would live a few more years in order to tell me about the game that was being played, that game being the effort to weaponize space, to control Earth from space and space itself.”

“What was most interesting to me was a repetitive sentence that he said to me over and over again… that was, the strategy that was being used to educate the public and decision makers, and the scare tactics, the spin that was being put on (as justification for our advanced) weapons system… (was based upon) …how we identify an enemy.”

“The enemy at first, (Von Braun) said, (to justify our) …space based weapons system… first the Russians are going to be considered the enemy… then terrorists would be identified… then we were going to identify third world crazies… The next enemy was asteroids… [and] against asteroids we’re going to build space based weapons.”

“And the funniest one of all was against what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final card. And over, and over, and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving his speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. ‘And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We’re going to have to build space based weapons against aliens.’ And all of it, he said, is a lie.”

The countries of Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Ecuador, France, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden and the United Kingdom have been declassifying their UFO files since 2008. The French Committee for In-Depth Studies, or COMETA, was an unofficial UFO study group comprised of high-ranking scientists and military officials that studied UFOs in the late 1990s. They released the COMETA Report, which summarised their findings. They concluded that 5 percent of the encounters were reliable yet inexplicable: The best hypothesis available was that the observed craft were extraterrestrial. They also accused the United States of covering up evidence of UFOs. Iran has been concerned about spherical UFOs observed near nuclear power facilities that they call “CIA drones” which reportedly are about 30 feet in diameter, can achieve speeds up to Mach 10, and can leave the atmosphere. Such speeds are on par with the fastest experimental aircraft, but unthinkable for a sphere without lift surfaces or an obvious propulsion mechanism.

In December 2017, The New York Times broke a story about the classified Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, which was a $22 million program run by the former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo and aimed at studying UFOs. Elizondo resigned from running the program protesting extreme secrecy and the lack of funding and support.

Following his resignation Elizondo, along with several others from the defense and intelligence community, were recruited by the To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science, which was recently founded by Tom DeLonge to study UFOs and interstellar travel.

UFOs have finally come out of the fringe and into the mainstream. Multiple stories have appeared in major media outlets. There is congressional interest. Pilots, radar operators and intelligence officers involved in these encounters and investigations are going on the record, calling for action. It’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that there’s a bigger picture here. The pace of events is picking up, and we seem to be building up to something. Something is happening. Something new. Something big.

What do you think? Are UFOs real, are they extra terrestial in nature, human made, just a hoax etc. ??? Let us know in the comment section.


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