Star Trek, from the original series through several generations of sequels, is one of the best-loved and most enduring science fiction creations. For more than 50 years, the television series and films have displayed a universe of tolerance and inclusivity, based on the progressive ideas and vision of the future of its creator, Gene Roddenberry.

The cultural impact of Roddenberry’s vision has been significant, particularly in how gender and minority groups have been portrayed – starships and galaxies peopled with characters from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds and the Federation of Planets as a community of worlds peacefully co-existing.

But the newest addition to the Star Trek family has already caused a stir among fans.

Introducing a “non-binary” character and design

As reported by Discussing Film, it seems CBS is searching for a non-binary character for the show’s upcoming third season. There aren’t many details to go off of, but it sounds like this individual will be named AIDRA, and is said to be very intelligent and self-confident.

Several fans have commented on new character and the shows focus on diversity. Her are some of the comments:

  • This shit is why people don’t watch this show. I don’t and I’ve yet to miss a star trek. They are pushing a political agenda and I’m sick of it. The Orville is a much better show and doesn’t really focus on this shit. IF CBS really wants to make a good series and get back its fanbase then they need to stop making this political and start making shows for entertainment.  – Juan Pablo
  • Diversity is not the problem.  Virtue-signaling, FORCED diversity is the problem. Just because someone speaks out against Hollywood’s obvious progressive political agenda forced into entertainment, it doesn’t make them a “troll” or “hater”. – Xzvz
  • I’ve been a huge star trek fan all my life. Trek has always pushed for a world of tolerance, diversity, cooperation and prosperity. It is great to see that Trek is still doing that. – Katti Koskinen

Star Trek: Discovery costume designer Gersha Phillips has also opened up about the choice of outfits on the show and explained that she had female empowerment in mind when she made the uniforms gender neutral.

“We wanted to have something that was non-binary and that was open to all, and I think we’ve done that,” she said.


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