While we’re waiting for Samsung new flagship models and wearables it might be interesting to look, at some of the mid range products before spending close to 1000$ on the newest Samsung smartphone.

Samsungs new A line features 5 different phones. A10e is the cheapest and A80 is the most expensive of the bunch. They are all a bit different and each phone comes with it’s own selling points. If you just want long battery life, the A20 might be for you, but if you want to take really great pictures it’s the A50 that’s the better choice. You can get most the features if you pick the A70 and that is ofcourse the one we chose to review for this article. The A80 seems to be more of a novelty item although it also comes packed with all the features of the A70. The difference between the A70 and A80 is in the camera. The A80 has a camera that flips up at the top of the phone. This gives the camera some protection, but it also gives the user the ability to use one camera instead of a front and back mounted system like the one most smartphones use today.


I’m not a technical wizard or some kind of gadgets geek, so if you want highly technical reviews and comparisons, there are other websites with much more experience doing just that. This will be an honest and personal review that more describes the likes and dis likes about the phone.

I’ve owned several Samsung smartphones and have a bit of experience with them over the years. I used to have the A5 model which is the one of the predecessors to the A70 and the change was quite significant. Although the A5 was a decent phone, it doesn’t compare to the A70. If I was to compare it to one the other Samsung models, I would compare the A70 to the S9+ model. They have alot in common and they feel alot like the same phone. There are minor differences though. The A70 comes with a much larger battery and it is a tiny bit bigger.

As it not being the flagship model there are also some minor issues with it. Although it might have some of the newest hardware it also seems to lack a bit in some areas. It can seem a bit slow at times, even lagging when the phone has been used for a while without optimizing it.

It’s very slippery and quite large (6,7″) so you need a cover or else it will be difficult to control one handed. A cover will also help it from not falling out of your pockets.

The camera was one of the main reasons why I bought this phone. It takes great pictures in the same quality as most other high end smart phones. It has some AI features and capability already built in to the phone, which might make it more useful when the AR world really explodes.

The battery life is really good and unless you’re using your phone alot, you wont be charging it very often. It can run Youtube videos for hours without the need for a charge and it also has no trouble playing the newest apps or games.

If you don’t want to pay 1000-1200$ for the flagship high end smartphones, but still have most of the features, try the Samsung A70.


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