Image Of Dead Jeffrey Epstein Leads To Conspiracy Theory Claim


A supposed image of a dead Jeffrey Epstein has surfaced on the internet and it has already made alot of people question whether Jeffrey Epstein really did die of a suicide.

The image hasn’t been verified yet, but it looks like the picture could be from the time Jeffrey Epstein was wheeled into New York Downtown Hospital. The NY Post has already released a few pictures showing just that, but not one where Jeffrey Epsteins face is visible.

NY Post image – William Farrington

The image circulating online does show the face of what is claimed to be Jeffrey Epstein, but the facial features doesn’t seem to match. Especially the nose have people asking whether or not this really is Jeffrey Epstein.

Is this Jeffrey Epstein?

Pictures can be tricky and it’s really difficult to determine whether or not this really is Epstein, but one thing is for certain, the image will be at the center of the conspiracy theory surrounding Jeffrey Epsteins death.

Mainstream media debating the conspiracy theories


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