America Considering Giving A.I. Control Of The Nuclear Weapons


When it comes to nuclear weapons and the Cold War, everything old is new again. Old treaties against the creation of long range nuclear weapons are dead and Russia is working on new nukesit promises can strike the United States in record time.

As with any nuclear deterrent, the idea is not to use such a system. Nuclear deterrents are based on the concept that adversaries know that the U.S. will detect and nuclear launch and answer with a devastating response. That threat should be enough to put them off. Using A.I. tools for this decision-making process would just update this idea for 2019.

A 2018 report from the RAND Corporation suggested that AI might, in fact, make the world less safe from nuclear war. The report asked several experts to weigh in on how AI might change nuclear deterrence and the results were inconclusive.

Some of RAND’s experts believed AI would make the world safer, and others believed it would radically destabilize the current balance of nuclear power. “AI needs only to be perceived as highly effective to be destabilizing—for example, in the tracking and targeting of adversary launchers.

Threatened with potential loss of its second-strike capability, an adversary would be pressured into a preemptive first strike or into expanding its arsenal, both undesirable outcomes,” the report said.


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