More Trouble For The Climate Change Movement


Many major news outlets are these days spending alot of time wrting articles about the impending destruction of our climate and the so-called “climate crisis”, but there has also been some news that could eventually end the climate change movement.

While the climate change icon, Greta Thunberg is in NYC to adress politicians at the UN, a new study could turn the whole climate change debate upside down and end up proving the “deniers” were right all along.

Climate change brought on by natural causes

A key theory that attributes the climate evolution of the Earth to the breakdown of Himalayan rocks may not explain the cooling over the past 15 million years, according to a Rutgers-led study.

“The findings of our study, if substantiated, raise more questions than they answered,” senior author, Yair Rosenthal, said in a press release.

Many scientists believe that ocean acidification from high carbon dioxide levels will reduce the calcium carbonate in algae, especially in the near future. The data, however, suggest the opposite occurred over the 15 million years before the current global warming spell.

Rosenthal’s lab is now trying to answer these questions by studying the evolution of calcium and other elements in the ocean.

Media pushback towards Greta Thunberg

In an opinion piece for news website, Rich Lowry writes that, Kids are powerful pawns. The catchphrase “for the children” has a seductive political appeal, while kids offer their adult supporters a handy two-step. The same people who say, “The world must heed this 16-year-old girl” will turn around and say to anyone who pushes back, “How dare you criticize a 16-year-old girl?

There’s a reason that we don’t look for teenagers for guidance on fraught issues of policy. With very rare exceptions — think, say, the philosopher John Stuart Mill, who was a child prodigy — kids have nothing interesting to say to us. They just repeat back what they’ve been told by adults, almost always with less nuance and maturity.

Some are suggesting that the focus on Greta Thunberg is actually hurting the movement.

Almost every single one of the doomsday predictions being told by the media, Greta Thunberg and the climate change movement haven’t turned out to be true.

The National Review is one among many websites that have looked into these predictions and found that almost every prediction made has turned out to be false.

“Climate-change activists will insist this sort of dramatic license is necessary to stir a naturally apathetic public. But the metronomic regularity of doomsday predictions like these are part of why the public is so apathetic — they’ve heard it all before, and life went on.”

JIM GERAGHTY – National Review

It’s not all bad for the climate change movement

Banks with more than $47 trillion in assets, or a third of the global industry just adopted a new U.N.-backed “responsible banking” principle to fight climate change.

“These principles mean banks have to consider the impact of their loans on society – not just on their portfolio,” Simone Dettling, banking team lead for the Geneva-based United Nations Environment Finance Initiative, said in an interview with Reuters.

The banks in question make up a third of the global industry, meaning they have an enormous impact on investment worldwide. Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, and Barclays are among the 130 banks to join the new initiative.


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