Just when you thought the story was dead and the mainstream would shift focus to another scandal, the news just keeps coming and we learn more and more about this sick and perverted individual.

Most people following the case were shocked when Jeffrey Epstein got his plea deal back in 2008. New information suggest that Epstein had a mole in the police, which combined with his powerful lawyers made it easier for him to escape persecution.

Former police chief speaks to NBC

Former police chief, Michael Reiter, who retired from the Palm Beach Police Department in 2009, spoke out in an interview with Dateline NBC.

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Michael Reiter being interviewed on NBC

“Epstein found every loophole”, Reiter said, adding that state and federal prosecutors’ handling of the Epstein case amounts to “the worst failure of the criminal justice system in modern times”.

Within the first few weeks of the 2008 case, the investigation was already bearing fruit.

“We realized that this was basically a way of life for Epstein,” Reiter said. “And it didn’t take too long to realize that a lot of people were involved in this…This was a very prolific sexual predator.”

Reiter also said the investigation identified adult women who had sexual contact with underage girls, and in some cases performed sexual battery on children. “This was a financially successful, smart, capable, well-networked and well-financed individual who built an organization around him that supported his criminal enterprise”, Reiter said.

Jeffrey Epstein was likely tipped off by an insider every time his investigation got close to catching the perverted financier.

Reiter described several scenarios in which investigators working covertly would go to Epstein’s home with search warrants only to find they had been cleaned of all sexual toys, devices or other materials described by his many victims.

Reiter said that in one instance, the home surveillance cameras had been ripped from the walls, leaving the wires hanging.

NBC has spoken with nearly two dozen women who allege that Epstein didn’t operate alone.

Prince Andrew tries to distance himself

Back in August, Buckingham Palace put out a statement signed by Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, that was emphatic in distancing the British Royal from the late disgraced financier, Jeffrey Epstein.

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Prince Andrew

The statement came days after The Mail published video footage that showed the prince at the door of Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse in 2010. By then Epstein was a registered sex offender who had avoided a federal trial at the time and served only 13 months in jail.

The more than decade-long friendship between Prince Andrew and Epstein supposedly ended in the Spring of 2011, when Epstein threatened legal action against Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. 

But denying a further friendship with Jeffrey Epstein doesn’t say anything about the claims of Prince’ involvement in Epsteins sexring or whether or not he has had any sex with minors or sex trafficking victims.

British spymasters also worry Russia may have obtained scandal-related “kompromat” on the Prince Andrew.

Incriminating evidence of the prince’s alleged 2001 sexual encounters with then-17-year-old Epstein “slave” Virginia Giuffre could be in Russian hands, fears MI6, the British intelligence service.

Epstein was visited by former child sex slave in prison

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s former underage “sex slaves” was allowed to visit him around 90 times while he was in a Florida jail for solicitation of a minor.

Documents obtained by DailyMail.com show that the Palm Beach County’s Sheriff’s Office recorded approximately 90 visits between Epstein and Nadia Marcinkova in their official prison log.

Nada Marcinkova

Nadia Marcinkova, whom Epstein allegedly “purchased” from her family and brought to the US around 2001 at age 15, bragging that she was “his Yugoslavian sex slave”, was allowed into the Palm Beach County Jail in 2008 while he was doing time for soliciting sex from a minor.

Marcinkova, now 33, has been named as a potential co-conspirator in Epstein’s sex crimes at one point, but has never been charged with anything.

Marcinkova was at one point seen as a predator and not a victim by prosecutors, who only agreed to grant her immunity as part of Epstein’s plea deal. 

Doctors and psychiatrists prescribed tranquilizers and anti-depressants to victims

The pedophile financier allegedly provided medical care for his “sex slaves,” using his recommended doctors.

“There were doctors and psychiatrists and gynecologist visits. There were dentists who whitened our teeth”.

“There was a doctor who gave me Xanax. What doctor in their right mind, who is supposed to protect their patients, gives girls and young women Xanax?”

Virginia Giuffre, who was recruited by Epstein at the age of 16, also told the Miami Herald that doctors prescribed her Xanax for the three years she was abused by him.

Sarah Ransome, who was 22 when she was trafficked by Epstein from her native South Africa, said she was taken to a psychiatrist and prescribed Lithium when she was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

There is no mention of who these medical professionals are, but we can only hope their names will be public knowlegde, so they can be prosecuted too. It is not difficult to track his financial records and locate funds transfered to doctors, psychiatrists and gynecologist.

More victims speak out

Anouska De Georgiou, a near contemporary of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at Marlborough School, said Epstein preyed on her insecurities to the point she felt unable to escape his abuse.

Ms De Georgiou, who says she was repeatedly raped by Epstein, said she met the tycoon  through well-connected friends in London during the 1990s.

In an interview alongside other of his victims on NBC’s Dateline, Ms De Georgiou said: “It wasn’t zero to 100 in one day. It was introduced piecemeal, along with constant emotional, financial reinforcement that this was the path, the only path.”

Ms De Georgiou says she now finds solace in helping other victims, saying: “My healing came through that, that I could walk alongside these women and girls and be a witness to their suffering.”


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