The Million Mile Battery, Solar Powered Cars And The Supressed Technology


After CEO Elon Musk said this past April that the company will create a battery that lasts 1 million miles, it appears the outspoken executive wasn’t joking. 

Wired has reported on the purported million-mile battery after Dalhousie University in Canada published a paper detailing chemistry that might enable such a cell. Elon Musk is not one to simply give away valuable research without a backup plan, and as Wired points out, just days after this paper was published, Tesla was awarded a patent for a new electric vehicle battery featuring nearly the exact same chemical makeup as the ones detailed in the research paper.

While this type of battery isn’t the holy grail known as solid-state units, it could truly open up the possibilities for EVs in the near future.

It’s unknown when Tesla would put the new battery into production, but there will undoubtedly be plenty of fanfare when Musk officially debuts it to the world.

Toyota and solar powered cars

A new project by Toyota Motor Corp., Sharp Corp. and New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of Japan, or NEDO, is seeking to build a Prius that could essentially run forever.

“The solar car’s advantage is that — while it can’t drive for a long range — it’s really independent of charging facilities,” told Bloomberg Koji Makino, a project manager at Toyota.

Solar-powered cars offer the advantage of not needing to be plugged anywhere. If a battery can be created that can give the car power at night it could potentially run forever.

And it seems as if that technology is already available.

Examples of suppressed technology

There have been several examples of cars that didn’t use fossil fuels, but for several reasons they often don’t see light of day. Some simply don’t work in big scheme of things and others are based on technology that are deemed classified or suppressed due to national security.

One of the examples that doesn’t work is the “air powered” running on compressed air. Although it is quite clever, there are several challenges that needs to be overcome, before we ever see that type of engine in every car out on the roads.

We already have busses and other things running on hydrogen fuel cells, but we wont see that technology in regular cars anytime soon. Hydrogen has been a solution for years, but it also has an enormous societal impact, because it does remove the need for fossil fuels and the oil business.

But several car companies have already made cars that run on water. Genepax is one of those companies and they even went as far as to create a promotional video for their water driven car.

Cars running on water is nothing new and there have been numerous examples of people inventing motors that run on water. The most famous case involves a man named Stanley Meyer, from Colorado Springs.

The clip below shows a report done by the local media, when he first made his press release many years ago. Stanley has been featured in many news reports and there is alot of information online regarding his story and invention.

Another example

This is just a couple of examples among many, showing that there already are alternatives and solutions to the so-called fossile fuel problem.


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