New Crashproof Camera Drone Is An Amateur Videographers Dream


If you want to make cool drone videos and you don’t have a professionel crew to help you out, there is only one solution, the gamechanger, Skydio2.

There’s nothing else out there like a Skydio drone. Most drones fall into the “remote control vehicle” category but, the Skydio 2 is better described as an AI powered robot.

The Skydio 2 might just be the first non-DJI camera drone to lead the market forward in years
Photo Credit: Skydio

The drone relies on computer vision to effectively see in every direction. It uses a proprietary AI system to avoid crashing, perform aerial cinematography maneuvers, and follow people and vehicles.

The Skydio 2 features six 4K cameras and flies at up to 38MPH. It weighs 1.7 lb (775 g) with a battery in, and it’ll fly for around 23 minutes

What this means is that you can turn on a Skydio drone, toss it into the air, tell it what to film, and then walk, run, bike, or drive away.

Simply put, it’s a flying camera that pilots itself and follows you around, like a robot buddy who exists only to film things for you.

The Skydio Beacon lets you operate the Skydio 2’s autonomous features via remote, and it’s also a literal GPS tracking beacon for the drone. That means it can follow you from up to 1.5 km (nearly a mile) away even if it can’t see you.

The beacon also gives you a super-simple way to tell the drone where it needs to be; you can use the “wand” feature to point out where the drone should head as it tracks you. As such, the experience of using the Skydio 2 is designed to be vastly different to that of a controller-based drone like the DJI Mavic.

Skydio 2 sample image
Photo Credit: Skydio – Skydio 2 sample image

The Skydio 2 is expected to ship in November with a limited stock available in 2019. It’ll retail for $999 and you can reserve yours now with a $100 deposit. If you wish to add a controller or beacon, they’re $149 each.


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