A new report suggests the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe reboot movie might not end up in theaters at all.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is “exploring the prospect” of making the movie with Netflix, which would ultimately send the film to the streaming service, rather than the big screen.

What it comes down to is price. While the studio could partner with someone to share the cost of the project and split the box office profits, there’s no telling how profitable a Masters of the Universe reboot would be. Whereas partnering with Netflix would mean Sony gets paid and Netflix gets more library content.

Netflix is already cashing in on the He-Man franchise. She-Ra and the Princess of Power has been airing on the service since 2018, while a new Masters of the Universe animated series is in the works with Kevin Smith serving as executive producer.

Is Netflix the new straight to DVD?

It seems like Hollywood doesn’t believe in the He-Man franchise and this news about it being made for Netflix isn’t a great sign for the movie. The budget will no doubt be lower if it ends up being a Netflix special and it might hurt the efforts to make a cannon correct movie.

Before streaming got popular on the internet we often saw B rated movies be released straight to DVD and hopefully He-Man wont up being the modern version of that.

What do you think will happen? Does He-Man belong on the big screen, will it flop or will it be another Netflix hit?


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