The flying car has been a dangling carrot in front of consumers for over half a century, and George Jetson’s flying car has been an unfulfilled promise for generations. However, a new partnership between Porsche and Boeing may change that in the near future.

Few explicit details were shared in terms of what Porsche and Boeing will be working to create. However, it was noted that the agreement also involves Porsche and Boeing’s subsidiary, Aurora Flight Sciences, who will reportedly work on all-electric VTOL, or “vertical takeoff and landing” vehicles. 

Billedresultat for porsche boeing flying car
Rendering of Porsche/Boeing flying car

Porsche’s move into the “premium urban air mobility market,” which sounds like a market for wealthy people who don’t want to be reminded poor people exist, is bolstered by a 2018 study by Porsche Consulting that sees the market growing after 2025. The study also concluded that air transportation could transport people “more quickly and efficiently” than our current means of getting around.


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