New Breathalyser Can Meassure Difference Between Recent And Weeks Old Cannabis Consumption


A new breathalyser has been invented that tests for marijuana and it’s being called a ‘game changer’ by experts.

The Hound Labs device was developed by researchers at University of California at Berkeley and San Francisco and Mike Lynn, a veteran emergency department physician from Oakland who’s also a reserve deputy sheriff.

Blood tests for marijuana can read positive even if the drug was consumed up to a month ago. But the Hound – which recently secured $30million in Series D financing from Philadelphia growth equity fund, Intrinsic Capital Partners, to bring it to market in 2020 – can tell if someone has smoked or had an edible within the past three hours and is stoned.

The devices can detect even very low amounts of THC – and are much more sensitive than normal alcohol tests.

“Employers have the same fundamental problems as law enforcement. They need to maintain a safe workplace, but not have to worry about what their employees do in their free time. Someone can go home, smoke pot just like I’d enjoy a glass of wine, and not test positive,” Lynn added.

The new devices are expected to go into use throughout the US in 2020. The actual device is priced at US$5000 and the single-use tests are $20 each.


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