Designed for new or replacement roofs, Musk says the Solar Roof is cheaper than a new roof and a separate roof-mounted solar system. In fact, Musk says this will be true in about 80% of cases which is pretty confident.

The company says it’ll begin installations in the coming weeks (Musk says some installations have already begun) and that it hopes to ramp production to as many as 1,000 new roofs per week.

This is the third version of the Solar Roof tiles from the company and between the pervious versions and now, the company says that it has increased power density, reduced the parts used in the tiles by half and brought down costs substantially compared to the second generation tiles.

Tesla estimates a typical Solar Roof will still cost about $33,950.

One of the biggest pushes by Tesla for these new tiles is the time needed and ease of installation. The company will initially be installing them themselves but will start using third-party contractors to install the roofs. The target to have these roofs installed in eight hours. If you’ve ever had a roof installed, it’s typically a multi-day event. So eight hours is very quick.

Currently, only the Black Glass Tile style is available, but Tesla hopes to bring the Clay Tile design to market in 6 to 9 months, with other variants arriving at the same pace.

The new Solar Roof is available for order now and the company expects to start installing on customer’s houses in a few weeks. The Tiles will have a 25-year warranty.


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