Tom & Jerry is back. We’ve heard rumblings of Warner Bros.’s upcoming reboot, one of those CGI/live action hybrids that were all the rage a solid decade ago, for a while, but now we know that it’s coming, and it’s coming sooner than we think.

As the Hollywood Reporter explains, Warner Bros. has moved the release date for the film from its slated 2021 date to December 23, 2020. Which is a pretty surefire guarantee that, yeah, this one is actually getting off the ground.

Directed by Tim Story, the film is being made with an all-star cast including Chloe Grace Moretz, Michael Pena, Ken Jeong, Rob Delany, Jordan Bolger, and Pallavi Sharda.

It’ll tell the story of a hotel employee (Moretz) trying to evict Jerry from a hotel room, which he lives in. To get Jerry out of the hotel and secure her job, she turns to Tom, that devious old cat. And thus does the dark cycle continue.

Will it Top or Flop?

It’s always hard to say this early without knowing more about the storyline, but recent similar movies have both been recieved with cheers and buh’s by the viewing audience. If the producers stick to the original theme and style of the cartoon, we think it could be a very popular movie.

Billedresultat for tom and jerry black lady

But it is also a franchise with many bad reboots and we fear it will suffer from political correctness. The original had alot of humor based around stereotypes and violence. No childrens cartoon or live-action movie will have a message of violence or racial stereotypes.

That’s why we think Tom & Jerry wont be very popular. The movie will be promoted heavily and we are sure many will see the future trailer and plan to see the movie. But will they like it when they exit the movie theaters… We don’t know.

What do you think. Will the movie suffer from political correctness or will it end up being another successfull reboot/live-action movie?


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