A man in China has gone blind in one eye temporarily after playing games on his phone all night, according to a hospital.

The patient stared at the tiny screen from night until the wee hours, and the next day when he woke up, he realize he had lost sight in his left eye, said doctors from Shenzhen.

The man suffered from a haemorrhage in his eye after his superficial retinal vessels had ruptured, according to medics.

A Chinese woman was also temporarily blinded after blood vessels burst in her eye following an all-night session of playing on her smartphone.

The unidentified Chinese woman was able to take herself to the hospital after realizing the next morning she could no longer see out of her left eye, AsiaWire reported.

The woman has since regained the vision in her left eye after doctors created a small hole on her retina, allowing the blood to be removed. Doctors have given the man laser surgery and he is expected to recover in a month. 

Just last month, another man in China went blind in one eye after suffering a so-called ‘eye stroke’ while using his smartphone in bed, doctors in Xi’an claimed.

The condition is called valsalva retinopathy and it’s usually caused by physical exertion. 

Sufferers can experience cloudy or hazy vision, partial loss of vision or complete loss of vision.

Other instances of eye damage and excessive phone use have been reported in various studies, such as one conducted last year by researchers at The University of Toledo that found exposure to blue light not only damages the eyes’ retina but also promotes “growth of poisonous molecules” that could lead to macular degeneration.


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