Magic: Legends Is Diablo With Deck-Building


As the name suggests, it is Perfect World’s adaptation of the collector card game Magic: The Gathering that puts players in the shoes of a Planeswalker.

The game offers five classes of magic users, but the official website only highlights two at the moment — the Mind Mage and the Geomancer. The game also only has two worlds from the Magic multiverse to announce for now.

Shiv is a volcanic island on the plane of Dominaria where players will face Ghitu tribes, goblins, ogres, and dragons. Benalia, also on the plane of Dominaria, pits you against the demons of the Cabal.

As an isometric action-RPG, at a glance Magic: Legends looks very Diablo-like. But according to the story, it pays homage to its roots with some very CCG-inspired mechanics. You’ll have a customizable deck that you’ll use to determine your spells, complete with colored mana pools to cast them.

You build a deck of 12 cards, and hold 4 spells in hand at any time. Whenever you use a spell, it gets replaced by another card from your deck. You can mix up to two colors, just like in traditional Magic, but your mana pool with generate automatically and proportionate to your deck color. So if you have half-red and half-black, it will generate equal amounts of both, but if you skew heavily in favor of red, that will generate much faster than black. Your deck also feeds into the loot grind, as enemies will drop shards that you can use to upgrade your cards.

The game is currently still in the alpha phase, but Ctyptic says they plan to launch on consoles and PC sometime this year. A beta version is coming soon, which you can sign up for through Arc Games.


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