The new Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary What We Left Behind is more than a look back at the series, but also includes a glimpse of what could have been.

Airing on January 3rd, 1993, the premiere episode, “Emissary,” played out like a changing of the guard. Jean-Luc Picard and his crew, which had solidified Trek’s glorious return to television with The Next Generation, boards the Enterprise at the episode’s conclusion and disembarks for some new adventure—but the audience is left behind.

Now, some 27 years later, fans are returning to what’s become a beloved show, sometimes even eclipsing the ones that had come before it, with What We’ve Left Behind, a crowdfunded documentary that explores the show, its past, its impact, and all the actors and creators that brought it to life. It’s a project years in the making, and now we finally have a trailer.

DS9 allowed “Trek” writers the chance to delve into that conflict like never before. Over the course of its run, the show tackled complex subject matter including the ethics of war, faith, cultural identity and the often subtle distinction between a freedom fighter and a terrorist in dark and surprising ways that the previous two series had not.

But being different didn’t exactly translate to ratings gold. “DS9” never matched the viewership success of “TNG,” though one could also attribute that to such factors as the changing television landscape. Still, the show was by no means the pop-culture force its predecessors had been.

New DS9 ‘Season 8’ clip

One of the features of the new documentary is a segment with the writers’ room for Deep Space Nine reassembled to break a story for a notional eighth season for the series. This new exclusive clip shows the writers gathered together interspersed with sketches from the story they are crafting.

Sign PETITION to get CBS to create DS9 Season 8, directed by Ira Steven Behr

You can watch or buy the documentary on, but there are also pirated versions online if you don’t want anything to do with Jeff Bezos and his company. To comply with any legal issues, we must discourage any readers from seeking out these pirated versions. Billedresultat for WHAT WE LEFT BEHIND

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