Despite the constant wave of newsreports regarding COVID19, there are still alot of important questions that aren’t being asked in the mainstream media.

The ongoing COVID19 pandemic has the ability to change the world in profound ways, but before we look toward a future where this virus is a thing of the past, we must look at some of the more controversial questions about the pandemic and the virus.

It’s is difficult to predict how this pandemic will change society and how much it will impact the way of life in the coming years. Unless you are a member of the “hidden hand” that controls the world and its people, it will be close to impossible to predict the outcome.

Before questions comes speculation

Let’s get straight to the point, can the COVID19 pandemic be a man-made crisis? That is the question surrounding most of the speculation and we hope you take the time to watch the Youtube video at the bottom of this article for more insights into this question.

But before you go and watch that video, let’s speculate a bit about how this COVID19 virus and world pandemic could be a man-made crisis.

Economic impact

Two reports on Thursday revealed that Republican Sens. Richard Burr, N.C., and Kelly Loeffler, Ga., sold off significant amounts in stocks shortly before financial markets plunged because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The senators are reported to have had knowledge about the spread of coronavirus ahead of their sales. And they might not be the only ones who had prior knowlegde of this virus and its potential impact.

NBC reported last year in November that over 1300 CEO’s had left their position, which seems very odd when we were in the middle of an economic boom and growing overall prosperity in the world.

The talks of a recession have been trending online long before the COVID19 virus broke out, but now it seems as if a so-called depression is coming in the wake of this pandemic. Experts agree that the COVID19 virus will end up costing the world more than 1 trillion $, which most likely will plummet the world into a depression.

The economic damage from the Covid-19 outbreak will be unprecedented, according to the head of one of the world’s largest hedge funds Ray Dalio, who says global corporate losses from the epidemic will amount to $12 trillion.

Billionaire investors, including the stock guru Warren Buffet, are now eyeing China and starting to taste opportunity as the U.S. government begins to get its coronavirus outbreak under control. That is referred to as “buying the stockmarket dip” which makes foreknowlegde such an important issue. Who knew? What did they know and why wasn’t the public informed earlier?

Was the virus kept secret to make more money from a stock market collapse? Have the mainstream media been spreading mass panic and fear to help create this financial crisis?

Vaccine agenda

The world as we know it will change forever in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Bill Gates who declared that we will soon have “digital certificates to display our health and vaccination status.

Responding to a question during a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session, Bill Gates pointed to major changes for ordinary people that could have privacy and civil rights implications.

Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it,” said Gates.

According to Gates, people shouldn’t be concerned about “big brother” invading our privacy and tracking us and our children – this technology will only be used for safety and convenience, he says – and the technology is nothing more than an upgrade on traditional cattle branding.

Social control & climate change

The question now is whether the world will accept more authoritarian laws because of China’s apparent success, and whether the massive lockdowns and electronic surveillance measures imposed by an authoritarian government would work in other countries.

We are also seing articles showing that the imposed quarantines around the world have lowered CO2 and polution. This might not seem that surprising, but the question is whether or not the climate change lobby will use this COVID19 crisis and compare it to the so-called climate crisis.

Bio terrorism/warfare

This might be the more silly aspect of this and then again, it really isn’t. If you look into all the controversial aspect of this COVID19 pandemic, it seems only logical to ask certain questions along those lines.

Most people already believe that the virus evolved naturally and the idea that it was created in lab has mostly been seen by the mainstream media and the general public as a crazy conspiracy theory. But it really isn’t that crazy to ask those types of questions.

There is no “smoking gun” evidence that this virus was made in a lab in the Wuhan region of China, but circumstantiel evidence do make one wonder if there are more to this story and whether or not this COVID19 crisis is man-made or manipulated.


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