Danish Scientists Believe Two Different Covid19 Virusses In Circulation


Several studies support the hypothesis that there are two main types of corona, states the Serum Institute in Denmark.

There are probably two types of coronavirus in the current pandemic. One is not as effective at spreading among humans, the other is infecting far more violently. That’s what Tyra Grove Krause of the State Serum Institute stated to the Danish TV channel TV 2.

– The one who is severely infecting people, it has taken over the outbreak. That’s what we see in Europe, she says.

Country physician Lars Fodgaard Møller calls the Faroe Islands a “mini-laboratory”. There are 92 infected out of a population of just over 50,000. In addition, the Faroe Islands test far more intensively than other countries, and every single case of disease is detected.

Even kissing did not spread the virus

Lars Fodgaard Møller, based on the observations, has wondering why some patients started long and aggressive chains of infection, while others do not.

On Thursday at a press conference in Tórshavn, he presented for the first time the observation that there are apparently two different types of corona at stake.

While one was slowly infecting, the other spreads violently.

To Berlingske he elaborates on his observation of the virus’ paths to the Faroe Islands.

– We saw that the first cases we had were not contagious. We could see that even though they had had kissing contact, they had not passed it on.

– Then a type came from Denmark and one from Iceland, which was passed on really quickly, so these two infection chains became quite central, he says.

Emphasizes that, for now, it is only observations

The GP does not claim to have scientifically verified conclusions, he emphasizes. These are preliminary observations from the field in the midst of the global wave of infection.

He contacted the State Serum Institute in Denmark and here one recognized the hypothesis.

According to Anders Fomsgaard, head of the virus laboratory at Statens Serum institut, several studies have now supported the hypothesis that there are two main types of corona.

Another Chinese study indicated the same in early March as well.

This is now the hypothesis on which the Danish Serum Institute works.

Furthermore, it is not yet known whether the two types have different mortality rates.

According to Tyra Grove Krause, head of Infectious Epidemiology and Prevention, it was recently discovered that the coronavirus had developed and thus split into two types as early as China’s epidemic.


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