(Seeds Review) FATbeans – Great selection & fantastic service

FATbeans OrganiCAN

I chose FATbeans to be my first seed review, because they have a really great selection of strains, but even more for their excellent service. The genetics are top quality and this seed company can definitely compete with the biggest and best of them.

Fat Banana (Feminised)

I’ve already tested the Gelato Auto, which I’ll write a review about sometime in the near future, but the strain that has me most excited is the FatBanana (auto/fem). The feminized version sports a whopping 24% THC while the auto version is meassured in at 21% THC. It has fruity like flavor and smell resembling ripe bananas. It just looks very goooood!

I love the little “OrganiCAN’s” that lets everybody grow a great auto plant and get into the world of cannabis growing. It is a great gift and a great way to begin growing if you only have very little space. The cans comes with everything you need, soil, jiffies and a couple of seeds. There are 2 versions to choose from, but if you want an OrganiCAN with one of the other strains, they’ll gladly customize one for you. In some of the Organicans you might even find a cash surprise or some extra seeds.

OrganiCAN with the Glamour Auto

This is only the beginning and the third thing I like about this company is, that it is on top the cannabis trends and will expand their selection of new strains. I like that alot and can’t wait to see which strains will be added next.

VISIT FATbeans and get your OrganiCAN now – CLICK HERE

 Telefon: +45 25303710  E-mail: info@fatbeans.eu



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