Changing my website


I will be posting more blogs in the near future, but I just have to change a couple of little things on this website. No more newsarticles, but more personal opinions and interests instead. This website will become a window into my life instead of a news website.

It was impossible to be profitable as an alternative media platform, I then made newscitrus which was supposed to be a more mainstream like news website, but Google, Facebook etc. didn’t see it like that and eventually made it impossible to be profitable too. My adsense didn’t get approved and I was blacklistet. So why keep doing something that really has no meaning and just is a waste of my energy, time and money.

Instead I chose to make a biography type website that is an archive of my life. There’s no reason why I should work to keep news articles alive and ignore my own life, my ideas and opinions. They might even be more interesting than the news articles LOL.

So I have to change the “test posts”, do some redesigning, change the domain name and a bit more. But this gives an idea of what my blog and this website is about.


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