This was one of the first skate videos I ever saw and it was the one that really igniting the fire in me. I wanted to be sponsored just because of this documentary. I wish more documentaries or skate mvideos would be made like this. It isn’t just about showing abunch of cool tricks, but also building telling a story that gets people engaged. A documentary like this will capture more people and get more to skate than the typical skate video, which often just is a barrage of difficult tricks. New skaters or people with no knowlegde about skateboarding will never be reached by the typical skatevideo, but I think more will from this sort of skate video.

[INFO about documentary]
Documentary type video on the NSA Skateboarding contest held at the Big Vancouver EXPO in 1986. EXPO was the last Worlds Fair held in North America, and the theme was “World in Motion”, the NSA put on a big skateboarding contest with Vert, Slalom, Freestyle, 360’s, Bowl Riding etc. probably the last great skateboarding contest to feature all the events at one time, Rodney Mullen wins Freestyle, Steve Cab wins Bowl Riding, Tony Hawk wins Vert..Jeff Phillips is there,Claus Grabbke and every star of the day, lots of crowd shots..The biggest skate contest to be put on film during that time.


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