My favorite city in the world


I live in Denmark, which is a somewhat nice country to live in, don’t get me wrong, but my favorite place in the world is NYC, New York City. Some people will argue, that going on vacation isn’t the same as living there and I totally agree, but I just love so much about New York. Compared to Copenhagen and Denmark in general, there is just so much more to love in New York. Denmark is very safe, generic and quite boring. New York is the totalt opposite and I just love the energy and vibe of the city.

From the very first step off the plane, to the mindblowingly frustrating customs and all the way to the sad ending at the airport when me and my best friend realize we have to leave this fantastic place.

I can’t impossibly fit everything I love about New York in this article, blog or whatever you want to call it. So I’ll stick to my love of the city in general. Don’t worry, I’ll write many more posts about all the favorite things, shops, foods etc. I like when I visit NYC.

The main thing I love about the city is the energy. There is a feeling of a buzz in the air. You can almost feel that this is a special place and it isn’t hard to understand why New York has been used in so many movies. The city just gives you tons of experiences and you can almost get everything there.

You can go to the beach and just a short time later sit at a rooftop bar overlooking Manhattan. There is just something for everybody.

The people there are also one of the reasons why I love the city. You see all walks of life and can experience all types of cultures. People are generally very friendly and helpfull, but there are certain unwritten rules for turists that can tick a real New Yorker off. Check the Tips and Guide section to learn more about these unwritten rules for turists visiting NYC.

If I could, I would move there…


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