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After teasing its Reon Pocket wearable cooling system for months, Sony released the cool little device earlier this month in Japan. Originally aimed at attendees at the 2020 Tokyo Summer games before the coronavirus pandemic forced the Olympics’ cancelation, the Reon nevertheless has now made its way into the wild, where it’s chillin’ underneath wearers’ clothes.

Accompanied by a special T-shirt that holds the device in the middle of your back below the neck, the portable device utilizes the Peltier effect to serve as a heat pump to cool the body.

The Sony Reon Pocket can reduce a wearer’s body temperature by as much as 23 degree

The Verge’s Sam Byford reports on the Reon’s effectiveness after testing out the gadget since its July 6 release in Japan, and says it’s, well, better than nothing for taking the edge off Tokyo’s heat and humidity.

“I did find, generally, that the Reon Pocket improved matters somewhat, even on its lowest cooling setting,” he wrote, after taking the Reon for a walk on an 86-degree day. “I was definitely still sweating by the time I got home, but the cooling sensation does make a difference while you’re actually out there in the heat…You’re still going to feel like you’re in a hot, sweaty environment, but you’ll take what you can get.”

Now available on Sony’s webstore for $120 USD and on Amazon Japan for $160 USD, the T-shirt holder comes separately at $20 USD a piece.


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