Who doesn’t like a good old UFO debate?


The unit, now known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force, will report at least some of its work to the Senate Intelligence Committee every six months —  with some of the group’s past officials hinting of possible otherworldly artifacts, The New York Times reported Thursday.

Sounds really interesting, but let’s not jump to conclusions just yet. I’ve seen the tv show that follows this investigation and it certainly has my attention. I’ve also written about the earlier reports and followed the story since it first went viral in the mainstream media.

I could write books on this subject, but this blog isn’t made for insanely long and complicated blogs. Just my opinion.

So what is my opinion on this subject? Well, there will always be a chance of it being extra terrestials aka aliens and their spaceships, but I don’t really think that is the case. It is certainly among the most interesting aspects of this subject and it is often the thing that gets debates all hot and heated.

I think it is man made objects that feature technology which have been in use for many years. The whole alien myth and connection is mostly promoted and manipulated by the “CIA” and other agencies, which has been proved several times. The documentary “Mirage Men” delves a bit deeper into that history of manipulation through UFO myths and conspiracies.

I think the reason why we’re getting the reports in the mainstream media is because we are entering a cold war like period and just as back in the 80’s, stories like these are used for war propaganda.

Whether they are real or not isn’t the issue, because the mere reporting of these objects or highly advanced crafts will create some interst among other nations and perhaps also some concerns. Because what if the US actually have this level of technology. The argument is even being used to create fear and the military’s number one argument for releasing these videos is that it is worried it could be another nation, that has leap-frogged in technology.

It is not immediately clear what will be detailed in the force’s reports to the Senate, though the goal is to determine whether other nations have made advancements in aviation engineering beyond the US’s knowledge.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), the acting chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, told a Miami CBS affiliate earlier this month that he wanted more clarity from the task force as a matter of national security.

“Frankly, that if it’s something from outside this planet — that might actually be better than the fact that we’ve seen some technological leap on behalf of the Chinese or the Russians or some other adversary that allows them to conduct this activity.” NYPost.com




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