(Photoshop Fun) From black and white to color


I just want to share my latest little Photoshop fun. I took a black/white picture of my mom and used a couple of different techniques to make it into a color photo.

If you’re not using photoshop you can still get your black/white images turned into images with color without using any image manipulation software. You wont get the same quality of images as when you edit them in photoshop, but all things considering, it works really nice. You just visit imagecolorizer.com and upload your image and let the AI do its job!

Here is an example of how good the imagecolorizer website works.

Original photo
After imagecolorizer edit

I used a couple of different techniques to further edit this image in photoshop. I changed a bit of color in the face and also changed the haircolor a tiny bit. I also changed the shirtcolor.

Here is the finished picture.

Image after photoshop edit


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