“Coming To Africa”: Everything We Know About The Exciting Coming To America Sequel

It has been a long 31 years since Eddie Murphy introduced Prince Akeem to the U.S. in 1988's Coming To America. But the crown...

Youtube Has Alot Of Free Tv Shows And Movies

Most people don't know that you can actually find many tv shows and movies totally free on Youtube. Some of them are...

Young People Less Accepting Of LGBTQ Movement

The received wisdom is that younger people are more accepting when it comes to LGBTQ people and issues. Progressives place their hope in “the...

Chemical Used In Many Consumer Products Increases Bone Disease Risk

Exposure to a chemical commonly used to reduce bacterial contamination in cosmetics, toothpaste and products like toys and clothing may come with an unintended...

Child Sex Abuse Cases Treated In ERs Rose More Than 70%

The number of children admitted to US hospitals for sexual abuse doubled between 2010 and 2016, a new study reveals. 

Vatican Calls Nonbinary Gender “Fictitious”

The Vatican released the church’s 31-page guide to sexuality Monday—titled Male and Female He Created Them—designed to help Catholics and Catholic schools around the world teach and...

FBI Wants To Monitor Facebook, Twitter And Instagram In Real-Time

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has quietly been searching for private contractors who could gather and feed to law enforcement tremendous amounts...

How Did Jeffrey Epstein Kill Himself?

It is simply amazing that millionaire financier Jeffery Epstein, who was jailed on multiple charges of sex trafficking minors, died in federal custody...

Nike Adds Self-Lacing Adapt Tech to New Shoe

The company announced today that it will be bringing the tech to its Huarache line next month, with the release of the Adapt Huaraches.
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(UPDATED)Humans are evolving a bone spike at the back of the...

Young adults are more likely to have a spike-like growth on their skull, and a scientific study has linked the phenomenon to...

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NYPD Were OK With Jeffrey Epstein Skipping Required Check-Ins

Jeffrey Epstein never checked in with the New York Police Department’s Sex Offender Monitoring Unit in the eight years since a judge ordered...

Weak Study Claims Teen Phone Use Doesn’t Damage Mental Health

The mainstream told everybody that the amount of screen time enjoyed by young people could be affecting their mental health. A new...

Colorado Has Made Over $1 Billion From Legal Marijuana Taxes

It’s a pretty extraordinary milestone, and an indicator of just how financially strong the legal marijuana market has become. The Colorado Department...

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