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Google’s ‘Project Nightingale’ Is Blurring The Lines Between Privacy And Healthcare

Google is engaged with one of the U.S.’s largest health-care systems on a project to collect and crunch the detailed personal-health information...

America Considering Giving A.I. Control Of The Nuclear Weapons

When it comes to nuclear weapons and the Cold War, everything old is new again. Old treaties against the creation of long...

The Transhumanist Agenda Is Changing The World As We Know It

Would you improve humanity if you could? Many of us have opinions about how we can boost up society and government. But...

Microsoft Wants To Build An AI Better Than Humans At Everything

Microsoft's latest goal is the stuff of sci-fi novels: To build an AI that's smart enough to run society, and solve our most pressing...

AI Glass That Lasts Thousands Of Years Can Identify Images Without...

Scientists have created pieces of 'smart' glass that they say can recognize images without requiring any sensors, circuits or power sources.

Scientists Have Developed World’s First Vaccine With Artificial Intelligence

A new flu vaccine designed by artificial intelligence has gone on trial in the United States in what researchers are claiming is a world...

The Cannabis Industry Is Changing

In examining the current state of the cannabis market, it is clear the use of artificial intelligence technology is not a passing...

App Undresses A Photo Of Any Woman With A Single Click

Any woman can be a victim of “x-rays” of DeepNude. Just have a picture of a person – with the least amount of...

EU Wants To Ban AI-powered Citizen Scoring And Mass Surveillance

A group of policy experts assembled by the EU has recommended that it ban the use of AI for mass surveillance and...

AI Capable Of Showing How The Universe Works

A team of researchers recently pioneered the world’s first AI universe simulator. It’s fast; it’s accurate; and its creators are baffled by...
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